Dr Kai Xu is an Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science, University of Nottingham, co-director of its Visualization, Text Analytics, and Graphics (VisTAG) group. His main expertise is data science, particularly data visualisation. He is one of the directors of the EuroGraphics UK Branch. His current research focus is human-machine teaming that enables the collaboration between human experts and AI systems. The core research challenges include explainable AI, to ensure users understanding and trust towards the AI systems, and the ethical implications of the AI recommendations in decision making. His research has been funded by research councils (such as EPSRC and EU FP7), government department (such as Dstl), and companies (such as CGI and Genetec), with a total project budget of over £12 million. Kai has published extensively in the top visualisation journals and conferences, and some of his work was recognised with international awards.