Elvira is Professor of Mental Health and Technology at the University of Nottingham and works between the School of Medicine and Computer Science. 

Relevant for the Digital Futures Group is her role as Director of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) at the UKRI Trustworthy Autonomous Systems (TAS) Hub.

Elvira’s research portfolio is highly interdisciplinary with funding from UKRI AHRC, MRC but mostly EPSRC and NIHR. Over the years, she has been specialising on assessing the impact that technology has on the mental wellbeing of groups with protected characteristics (children, young people, older adults) applying co-design and participatory methods (e.g., Youth Juries).  Her most impactful research on digital mental health includes issues of data ethics and privacy, user and stakeholder engagement, co-production, and responsible innovation. Over the last six years, Elvira has been working with groups of young people and has brought to the forefront of policy innovation their concerns and recommendations on digital mental health. Some of the work she is most proud of includes the recent collaboration with Aardman Productions on the co-development of animated movies to increase digital literacy https://www.whatsupwitheveryone.com/

When Elvira is not supervising students, she is usually applying for funding or trying to write journal papers. Lately she has been working as guest editor for a Special Issue titled for Reflections on Responsible Research and Innovation for Trustworthy Autonomous Systems at the Journal of Responsible Technology